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New Here

Hello All.

I've got that sinking, hopeless feeling right now.  Like I'm struggling to just keep treading water.  I just joined LJ again in hopes of finding new friends and support when I need it most.  I've always had social anxiety worse than anyone I've ever met.  Depression off and on.  I just got back from Iraq two weeks ago.  It wasn't that bad over there, really.  But now I'm back and everyone just went on leave.  I'm alone in the barracks for a whole month.  I was just starting to make friends finally when we got back, and now everyone's gone and not a single text message or phone call from anyone. 

I've been eating a lot lately and I feel unattractive and out of shape.  I tend to eat a lot when I'm bored and lonely.  I wish someone was here.  Now I feel like no one likes me because no one's said so much as "what's up?" and they've been gone since Friday....  I know they're all with their families for the first time in 15 months, and common sense says they're probably just overwhelmed with all of that, but I feel so lonely and unloved. 

Anyone with some time on their hands.  Anyone at all.  It would be most appreciated.
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