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Most of you probably have just as much trouble with confrontations as I do.  I'm going through a really tough time right now and could use some advice.  I just broke up with my alcoholic husband--I let him find out by being served divorce papers because I couldn't bear to confront him about it myself.  He was given 24 hours to vacate, and I changed my locks and my phone number.  But he keeps calling the landline because he left a lot of stuff here and wants it back.  Part of me wants to think "oh well he was given 24 hours too bad," but I know I can't do that.  But I never want to have to see him again after what he's put me through, and I couldn't handle the confrontation.  Just the thought of it makes me lightheaded.  I don't know if he even remembers being served or escorted out by the police, since he was drunk the entire time.
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