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Silent Tears

and unheard words

Those Who Feel Alone
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A community for all those who ever feel lonely. Whatever the reason - come join. Granted, if you put a bunch of sad, shy, lonely and quite possibly off-the-wall people together, chances of communication don't seem too good. But feel comfortable and post whatever you want. Perhaps we can find companionship in each other.
UPDATE 3-21-05

New Mod jawa843 has been set up due to a recent attack of spam.hate speech, a strange changing of hands as left me in charge of this journal, not really by choice, but I will remain mod until either I cannot do it or someone else within the community wishes to take over/help out. Membership is now screened via email, but it is still OPEN.

UPDATE 3-29-05

Founder crimsonxdark contacted me today and explained some of the situation regarding the group and requested to be co-mod. Position granted, membership screening will now be dropped.