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I'm A Newbie :)

ive been an lj for a little over two years now, and i am just now working up the courage to go join some communities. i feel quite ashamed, feeling shy in a community that is nothing but shy and lonely people. :/
i became depressed about two years ago too, around the same time i joined lj. thats when i became shy and whatnot, i suppose. i still have random bursts of happiness and hyperness.
about a month and a half ago, i attempted suicide. i went to a psych ward and got diagnosed with GAD, ODD, and something else i cant remember. im currently taking lexapro, though i dont believe its helping much.
i also suffer from an addiction to opioid painkillers, but no one knows that except whoever reads my journal.
i love my mom, but in general, i dont care for my family that much. especially my dad. and i inherited a lot of bad genes from both sides. not to mention the bad habits i picked up as a young kid.
its hard for me to describe myself. you kind of have to know me before you understand.
enough of the bad stuff though, im here to meet new people. i love helping people and making them feel good. hopefully ill make some nice friends. and actually keep them. :) so feel free to message, comment, text, whatever you please. i will say that i believe im quite good at keeping a conversation going as long as the other person makes an effort.
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