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I Am New

Ello i am Lime
i am shy sad and bored so i guess two out of three isn't bad
Ive only just joined LJ and am looking for some people to type to to cure my chronic boredom
and i would also like to know how life is in your part of the world O.o?
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It sucks being shy, no matter where you are.
I'm kinda shy too.. I hardly meet anybody that I like and can relate to. When I do ... I screw up in a big way.
ugh i know how you feel but i am sure things will get betta cuz i said so >:O
the dictionary definition of "shy" is not the same as the way precious lil "most people" define "shy". usually some chatterbox, big mouthed, judgmental extrovert has the nerve to tell me that "you are shy". like that is a psychological diagnosis. (rolls eyes).

no, ma'am.

i am autistic. (diagnosed). avoidant persanoality disorder. (diagnosed). but not "shy". "shy" is not in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual.

life looks (to me) pretty good in my part of the world. not much racism, sexism, or homophobia. people, even the homeless, esp the homeless keep to themselves. and they are democratic.

yes, i am sad, shy, and lonely too.

but whatever

there is something seriously wrong with everything. shit