never noticed (silentloner) wrote in sad_shy_lonely,
never noticed


I ran into a old friend that i had not seen i some time. We caught up with what has been happening in our lives. Both of us have an interest in the mind/psychology. He brought up that i do not like people entering into my personal space.

I still am very aware of people that enter into that space. I don't like it and i will do what i need to maintain it. To an extent i have even bit teased about it. Frankly its getting to the point i could care less. I don't think i am the only person that gets offended when someone gets into your space.

I have few days till fall semester starts and it seems people are just pushing my buttons. I need more time to recharge than usual they last few days. Also all the social nice-ities meaning smiling and being generally courteous is wearing thin on me. Seems i just want to do what i need and leave people by without having to slap on some fake smile on my face.
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