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New but still fit the description...

Is it uebr wierd that I'm depressed becasue I have to go to school today? I just discovered that I have social anxiety and I figured out why. So now that I know, everytime I have to be around people I feel sluggish and sad. I wanna make friends but I really feel like they'll reject me. I don't know....maybe I should just sit and watch my entire time in college.....
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Don't just sit and watch through college. I did that, and because of that, college sucked. It just kind of slid by, with few good memories and even fewer friends. I really wish I had made the effort to enjoy myself a little more, even though just sitting and watching was so much easier and less stressful. If you try to put yourself out there, at least you won't have any regrets, even if you end up disliking college just as much as I did. Just my opinion though.
Maybe you're right. I've missed two events already that I really wanted to go to but becasue I'm afraid to be around people I decided after the fact to just stay home. I'm so lost...
That's how i feel in high school. I get so nervous to the point that sometimes i just want to get out of the class and stay alone.
Yeah that was me in high school, I dreaded going to bed sometimes because I knew I'd have to get up and go to school. I'm still not much better at making friends but I know just there isn't worth it, either :\
do you have a diagnosis for clinical depression? just some ideas: maybe you could go to psychotherapy, a support group, or psychiatry. those could be good or bad.

maybe your major or your school has to do with depression. maybe you should change majors or schools. but, of course, which major and school you choose has to do with many things, not just depression. just something you might consider.

when i am around people i also feel sluggish. but not in every situation, and not around everyone.

i am autistic.

i also want friends, but precious lil "people" keep rejecting my worthless corpse. or worse.

sitting and watching has benefits and drawbacks.

actually, a lot of the time when i was in san diego, i ended up hanging around someone that would tolerate my morally unjustified existence. and b/c i made the mistake of doing that, that gave them the upper hand, in that i depended on them and not vice versa.

so while sitting and watching all the time is not the greatest thing in the world, in some cases, it is "As Good As it Gets."

likewise, i regret that in college, i was not content enough with my own dumbfuck company.

but whatever.

thankfully nobody did anything too drastic.